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Apr 2, 2021

Hackaday editors Elliot Williams and Mike Szczys celebrate the cleverest projects from the week that was. We tried to catch a few fools on Thursday with our Lightmode™ and NFT articles -- make sure you go back and read those for a good chuckle if you haven't already.

While those fall under not a hack, many other features this week are world-class hacks, such as the 555 timer built from 1.5-dozen vacuum tubes, and the mechanical word-clock that's 64 magnetic actuators built around PCB coils by Hackaday's own [Mortiz v. Sivers]. A treat for the ears, [Linus Akesson] aka [lft] shows off a Commodore64 that seriously sounds a good as a cathedral organ. And a masterpiece of OpenCV and Blender, you can't miss the project by [Matthew Earl] that overlays video of the Mars landing on still satellite photos... perfection!

Check out the show notes!